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Why use a professional Javea pool maintenance company ?

This is one thing we hear as a professional company on a regular basis, mainly because at first glance pool maintenance appears easy with a minimal amount of skill or equipment!

Which is why so many people end up coming to us after experiencing the “uncle bob approach” this is our friendly generic name we give to all those pool men out there from family friends living locally to the next door neighbors or just untrained so called professionals?

This is normally the first option as people believe it’s the cheapest option! Where in reality the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is normally nearer to the truth, as in the longer term you may find that in reality many of the following points are or should be matter of concern as a pool not maintained correctly can cost you real money ! And in the worst cases of long standing maintenance neglect, the pool may need refurbishment.

Keep reading to understand how this can happen and the real cost of incorrect pool maintenance.

See below some the regular issues new customers come to us with after using an “uncle Bob”.

  • The pool maintenance is not being maintained in their absence at agreed intervals.
  • Chlorine levels are not kept in correct check!Ph levels not being maintained!
  • Pool water levels not maintained at proper levels!
  • Complaints from tenants or family friend’s eyes and nose burning.
  • Skin gets dry and itchy, hair goes green or Swimwear and pool toys fade.
  • Tenants or friends getting sick or ear infections due to lack of correct pool maintenance.

Your home pool and garden require and deserve correct maintenance and as the property is a significant investment and skimping as with most things is actually a false economy!

Ask for a quote today, you may be surprised how little a truly professional pool maintenance company cost!

Read more  to understand how and why regular professional help is so important for the health or the pool and your loved ones whilst actually saving money!

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