Swimming Pool Care

Don’t take a risk with your swimming pool or the safety of your family. Let us monitor the year-round health of your pool.

Whether a customer requires regular swimming pool cleaning services or a one-off intensive or deep clean we can be of assistance. We also work on both indoor and outdoor pools and offer a winter pool care plan. A further option is to include filter servicing. Pool filters are essential pieces of equipment in terms of water quality, hygiene and maintaining a good chemical balance.

By using a professional swimming pool cleaning service your pool will be safe to swim in, sparkling and clear, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg in extra chemicals or repairs to the pool itself or the filter.

If your pool is cleaned and tested regularly you won’t have problems with bacteria or algae that are especially likely to thrive under a thick pool cover during the winter months.

to keep it running perfectly you need to keep it regularly serviced and maintained by professionals. No matter how large or small your pool is we are here to help you.



  • Water test and balancing
  • Add all necessary chemicals
  • Equipment inspection
  • Maintain filters levels
  • Check & clean baskets
  • Clean filters
  • Clean tiles
  • Skim pool surface
  • Brush pool
  • Vacuum pool

Our fees are based on actual hours spent on site; all Equipment & Tools needed are included in the budget. We can do the job in your absence, as long as we have property access.

Our team of experts travel around different local areas each day to maintain the pools and gardens of properties of people who are usually too busy with work or other projects, maybe one day they can be late just because we like to leave every customer satisfied.

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Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.

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