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Your garden will be amazing all the time!

Our friendly team will help you with the things you don’t want to do or just don’t have the time for.


  • Lawn mowing
  • Weeding
  • Hedge trimming and pruning
  • End of tenancy garden tidy ups
  • Ivy pruning and removal
  • Leaf clearance and more
  • Symptoms of Nutritional and other Problems
  • Conducting an Inspection of Plants
  • Soil Characteristics and identification of Soil Issues
  • Review of Plant Nutrition
  • Choosing the Right Fertiliser
  • Diagnosing Nutritional Problems
  • Improving soils

Our fees are based on actual hours spent on site; all Equipment & Tools Needed are included in the budget.  We can do the job in your absence, as long as we have property access.

Our team of experts travel around different local areas each day to maintain the pools and gardens of properties of people who are usually too busy with work or other projects, maybe one day they can be late just because we like to leave every customer satisfied.

Lawn Maintenance


Our lawn and border maintenance service is designed to suit you; offering weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance with all waste removed and disposed of safely.

Javea Pool and Garden Team have the tools and experience to solve these problems such as grass diseases and pests that can cause damage. Take advantage of our weed control service ideal for getting rid of the most common and most stubborn weeds in your garden.

Hedge Trimming and Pruning


Javea Pool and Garden Team provide correct cutting of all bushes and trees keeping them tidy and trimmed all year round helping to maintain their health and aesthetic appeal whilst preventing disease and insect problems to develop.



When a plant becomes unhealthy, it’s usually because the environment is unkind to it. The temperature may be too hot or cold, it might be too wet or dry, it may have too much or too little fertilizer, or perhaps something else is affecting it. Often a sick plant is found to be suffering from attack by a pest or disease problem, but those problems are far more likely to occur on plants which are already suffering because environmental conditions are not suitable.
Plants can get sick just as easily as people. The problems they encounter can include:
*PESTS…Animals of various sizes and forms (from microscopic worms to dogs, birds, grazing animals, even humans). Insects are just one of many groups of animals which can cause damage to plants, although they are perhaps the most significant group of plant pests.
*DISEASES…These are problems caused by living organisms other than animals. Fungi, bacteria, and virus are the most common.
*ENVIRONMENTAL DISORDERS… Troubles caused by soils, nutritional problems, bad weather conditions such as frost, wind, cold, heat, or poor drainage.
*WEEDS…Plants growing where you don’t want them. It is the location of a plant which makes it a weed, NOT the species of the plant. A weed will compete with your desired plants for nutrients, water and space, which can be harmful to your desired plants.
They may also act as hosts to pests and diseases which can affect your desired plants. The best way to be sure that problems like those outlined above do not occur in gardens you are maintaining is to prevent problems from ever starting.
– Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
– Mechanical Control Methods
– Physical Control Methods

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